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Customer Testimonial

When my daughter and I arrived in London in late 2010, she had to adapt to a new city, a certain level of pollution, and starting in a nursery for the first time ever. I was attracted to its natural ingredient and simplicity of Sambucol. So, I started taking it and found it very simple to take and thought it tasted great. Then, I gave it to my daughter to try, and I am very pleased so far with the results. I give her 5 ml in the evening, as part of her bed time routine. She enjoys the taste and takes it without a fuss.
J Twinning, Birmingham

My husband was suffering from extreme allergies at one point last year and he had been very unwell and run down for several months. I read about Sambucol in a newspaper article where it said it could help boost the immune system, so I immediately went out and bought it for my husband to try. The result was amazing - within a short time he looked and felt much better and I believe that Sambucol helped his body gain strength to fight the allergies. We always have a bottle in the medicine cabinet now. Thank you.
Mrs E McALPINE, Northumberland

I would like to write about my experience with Sambucol. Every winter I used to catch colds and flu, like the rest of us, but I would invariably also develop complications, such as bronchitis. My son was suffering from frequent sinusitis after a bout of cold or flu. When I first started taking Sambucol I noticed that flu symptoms were a lot milder and generally the ilness subsided a lot quicker. First symptoms, such as sore throat, would last for a couple of days, but will gradually disappear, never developing further. My son was sinisitis-free for the first time in years last winter! When we recognise first signs of flu or cold, we start taking Sambucol 3 times a day and get an almost instant relief. I am simply astounded at its effectiveness. Thank you for developing this product.
Ms A Hewstone, Italy

I couldn't believe it made such a difference, I felt awful one day, I couldn't get out of bed, and then two days later I was back at work. Now I take Sambucol every day to help stop me getting ill again, and I've been healthy since I began taking it – no mean feat in my line of work! I also used to suffer badly from mouth ulcers, which meant I had trouble eating and was in pain all the time. My doctor said it was due to stress and a sluggish immune system, and since taking Sambucol I haven't had any. I'm really impressed with this product, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their immunity.
Melanie Willow, 25, St Albans

Dear Sir/Madam, Hello! I do use your products which are truly beneficial to my good health. My family and I like all your products very very much indeed. I'll feel greatly obliged if you could keep me up to date with your products. Kindly note I'm senior and health and safety officer and I do bring awareness and benefits of good health to others through very very good products like yours. Your help, advice, understanding and precious are greatly appreciated. Have a very pleasant and highly successful day. Thanking you all immensely. Warmest regards with very best wishes.
R Punater, North London

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